Monday, 25 September 2017

Father's Day Reading

Mmmmmm - Who came to visit us today???? We don't usually have boots like this at the door.

What a lovely time we had when our Dads, Grandads and friends came to share some reading time with us. Even though the weather wasn't very co-operative we still managed to enjoy reading together, sharing lots of new stories and books. A BIG thank you to Catherine's grandad who read a very funny story to us and was kind enough to give our class some new books for our book corner. Have a look at some of the photos we took during our reading session. We love having lots of stories.

Saturday, 12 August 2017

Amazing Art Work

We were very fortunate to have an expert who could come in and talk with us when we were doing our Art printmaking unit. Abbie, Marcel's Mum, is a graphic designer and she uses screen printing techniques when she creates her amazing designs. Abbie offered to bring in one of her designs so the children could experience using a screen printer to create the design on both paper and fabric.
First, she came in to explain to the children how the design process works and the steps she needs to take before she can even begin to print. On the following two days she brought in her design and equipment and let the children have a turn creating their own print.
We were very grateful to Abbie for offering to give the children this experience, as it was an ideal opportunity to 'have a go' at learning a skill in a 'real life' situation.

Have a look at the photos we took of Abbie and the children doing their screen printing.
Abbie is talking with the children about how the design process works.

Abbie with one of her completed screen print designs.
The screen print in action.

Children with their fabric.

Children naming their designs.

Getting ready to print.

Saturday, 22 July 2017

Striving for 'Excellence' in Writing

During the term we have been working on improving the quality of our writing.
Firstly, we have been practising the words we know - we call these our fast words. Knowing how to write these quickly helps when we have got lots to write about. Using the writing cards also makes it easy to check the spelling of these words.
Setting our own goals helps us to think about what we are trying to improve while we are writing. Our goals are on a lift up card in the back of our writing books. We look at these goals everyday and once our stories are finished, we can have a conference with the teacher. She discusses our goals with us and gives us  some feedback on how we have gone. We love to collect a sticker when we have achieved the goal we have set. Some of our work gets displayed on 'Wow Work' for other people to read.
Sometimes we share our goals with a buddy and discuss our writing with them. Our buddy gives us some feedback on what the next steps might be to continue improving the quality of our writing so we can be..... 'better than before'.

Have a look at some of the photos of us sharing our writing with a buddy. We are talking about our goals and giving feedback.

Zeppelin is showing Chloe some evidence that he has achieved his writing goal.

Ben is looking at Vincent's writing and giving him some feedback.

Ana Claire and Marcel are discussing their writing goals.

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Simple Machines

During Term 2 our science investigation was about 'Simple Machines'. This was very much a 'hands on' investigation that involved us using a kit from Science Alive. The kit had a number of simple machines for us to experiment with such as pulleys, wedges, ramps and levers.
Using the school 'duplo' kits we were able to work together in small groups to create our own simple machines as well as lots of other creations that included more complex components.
At reading time we looked at non-fiction books to find out about simple and complex machines. We completed a number of activities to learn about how simple machines help to make our lives easier.
Have a look at some of our learning in these photos.....

Neveah and Ashleigh are using rods to make a lever.

Race and Payton have made a ramp.

Bella and Summer are experimenting with their ramp.

Luca, Zeppelin and Johan have created a complex machine.

Syler, Luke and Siiali used a complex machine to help move the blocks.

'Let's work together' says Damon.

'Look what we made' said Emma. 'Can you see the pulley?'

'We worked together to make this!'

'Can you do it? asks Summer.

'Watch this Paige' says Ethan.

We worked in pairs to make a catapult using a lever.

Saturday, 6 May 2017

Amie from ASB bank - The GetWise programme

This week we have been learning about money. Today Amie from the ASB bank came in to talk with us about the GetWise programme. This is a programme devised by the ASB bank to assist kiwis to become cash clever.
She dressed up as 'Super Money Hero' and talked with us about the notes and coins. She also talked to us about the importance of using our money for the things we really need and saving for the things we want. It was lots of fun acting out a story that helped us to learn about saving, sharing and spending our money. We learnt that to get money, we have to do jobs to earn it, otherwise we don't have any money to spend.

Have a look at the photos and you can see the learning we did with Amie.

Damon is a super hero. He used his money wisely.

Room 2 are being Super Money Heroes.

Amie is showing us the money we use in New Zealand.

Christopher is learning how to use his money wisely. Some friends are helping.

Damon has some friends to help him save, share and spend his money wisely.

Amie is helping us learn about earning our money.

Friday, 28 April 2017

Sport Canterbury

Every fortnight Sheree from Sport Canterbury comes to take us for a variety of Physical Education activities. She teaches us skills like hopping, jumping and balancing and we also learn to follow instructions, work as a team and co-operate while we are playing lots of fun games.

Sheree is talking to the children about the rules for the game.
Siiali and Samantha are working together.

Marcel and Max have a plan.

Working as a team is important for this game.

Tim and Ben are working together.

William and Ryder are getting some ideas from Sheree.
Hooray!!! Paige loves this game.

Monday, 24 April 2017

Better than Before

When we are striving for 'Excellence' we are always trying to be 'better than before'. Getting better at reading is one goal that we strive to achieve everyday.
Our personal reading boxes are a great way to help with this because every day we can read favourite stories over and over again. Sometimes we read to ourselves and sometimes we read with a buddy.

Luke and Alex enjoy sharing a favourite story.

Payton is trying to be 'better than before'.

Kauri is enjoying this book.

Ethan likes to read from his box of stories.