Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Simple Machines

During Term 2 our science investigation was about 'Simple Machines'. This was very much a 'hands on' investigation that involved us using a kit from Science Alive. The kit had a number of simple machines for us to experiment with such as pulleys, wedges, ramps and levers.
Using the school 'duplo' kits we were able to work together in small groups to create our own simple machines as well as lots of other creations that included more complex components.
At reading time we looked at non-fiction books to find out about simple and complex machines. We completed a number of activities to learn about how simple machines help to make our lives easier.
Have a look at some of our learning in these photos.....

Neveah and Ashleigh are using rods to make a lever.

Race and Payton have made a ramp.

Bella and Summer are experimenting with their ramp.

Luca, Zeppelin and Johan have created a complex machine.

Syler, Luke and Siiali used a complex machine to help move the blocks.

'Let's work together' says Damon.

'Look what we made' said Emma. 'Can you see the pulley?'

'We worked together to make this!'

'Can you do it? asks Summer.

'Watch this Paige' says Ethan.

We worked in pairs to make a catapult using a lever.

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