Monday, 21 March 2016

Browser Box Time

In Base Camp 1 & 2 we know that 'together is better'. When we share our reading at browser box time we read a story we know with our 'box buddy'. To get things underway we have a little rhyme that we say.....

                                                            "Elbow to elbow
                                                               Knee to knee
                                                              I'll read to you
                                                         And you'll read to me."

Have a look at the photos and you will see Kobey and Aria from Base Camp 1 sharing their reading. Regan and Caleb from Base Camp 2 are doing a super job as well. Practising our reading everyday is important.

                                                                      Kobey and Aria

Caleb and Regan

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  1. Hi there Base Camp members,
    I know that people are learning when they sit and read like this because I listen in to what they are reading to each other. Perhaps I'll visit you next term and sit alongside some of you when you are siting elbow to elbow and knee to knee so I can hear you read to each other.