Thursday, 26 May 2016

More Busy Times in Base Camp 1 & 2

In Base Camp 1 & 2 we are always striving for 'Excellence'. Caleb has been working hard at reading time to complete his work independently. Every day he has a new task to finish. He has lots of different things to do. In the photo below he has been finding out facts about bears. Have a look at the work he has been doing. He has been striving for 'Excellence'.

Caleb with his facts about bears

At Discovery time we complete all sorts of different activities. It is fun working with others to make all sorts of different things. Today some children made some cats and mice out of cardboard. They had to read the book and follow the instructions. Have a look to see if they managed to follow the instructions correctly.

KaiKai with the book 'Making a Cat and a Mouse'
 Aria, Casey, RaiRai Lucy and Chloe

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  1. Hi there Base Campers,
    It is great to see these photos and the learning you have been doing. I might have to ask you about 'striving for excellence' the next time I see you. I am wondering what excellence is?
    Thanks Ms C