Monday, 5 September 2016

Our Learning About Water

We have been working in three groups to find out information about water. Ms Aitken's group learnt about 'The Water Cycle', Mrs Nicoll's group learnt about 'The States of Water' and Miss Lester's group learnt about what happens to water when it goes 'Down the Drain'.

Now that we have completed some learning and carried out some experiments, we have written up our findings and we have talked about what we have learnt with some friends. We have become the teachers!!!!

Have a look at the photos below. Here we are working in groups of three to teach each other about what we know.

Isla, Tane and Caleb teaching each other about water
Casey and Cooper teaching each other about water.

                                                    Lucy, Kaiya and Hank teaching each other about water.                                                                                        
We were very fortunate to have an expert who works with water come in to talk to us. He answered some of the questions we had and explained how he uses water at work. Thank you to Holly's Dad for coming and spending some time with us.

Holly's Dad talking to us about water and how he uses it in his job.

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