Sunday, 16 October 2016

Cultural Day

What a wonderful day we had at the end of last term celebrating the variety of cultures we are lucky to have in our school. Here are some photos and some stories about this exciting day.

Here is Chloe's story. She is from South Africa.

Hooray! Hooray! It is Cultural Day today. I am a South African because I am from South Africa. I like eating the food. We ate some of the food. I saw the big kids dancing. I went to the parade. I waved my flag.

Here is Taani's story. He is from Tonga.
I am going to the parade with my Mum and my brother.

Here is Shaista's story. She is from Fiji.
Hooray! Hooray! I am so excited because it is Cultural Day and I am going to wave my flag. First we celebrated Jaydah and read the book 'All Over the World' to the children.

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