Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Life Education

During the second week of the term, Harold and Jamie came to visit us in the Life Education caravan. We all loved going to see Jamie to sing songs and do some really cool stuff with Harold.  He is amazing!!!!  We loved all the stories and the incredible technology he had. 

One of the most important messages Harold had for us was to make sure we fill people's invisible buckets up everyday by showing kindness. This is really easy for us because we know that using kind words and kind actions is showing HEART. We know to use our HEART values everyday.

Have a look at Regan's story about the Life Education visit. He made a great job of writing a recount of what happened.

On Monday the class went to Harold's caravan because it was Life Education day. We went in the caravan and met Jamie. Harold was sleeping in his world. We said 'Wake up Harold!!! and he woke up.
We can change the weather in his world. We made it go snowy and rainy and thundery. It was on the TV and it was really well done! We met Harold. He played tricks on Jamie.
On Tuesday Harold taught us about our buckets that you can fill everyday - it's called 'bucket filling' and 'bucket dipping'. We watched Harold's movie with Possum, Rabbit and Harold in it. Possum and Harold went on the jungle gym but Rabbit didn't like the jungle gym. Harold sang a song for us and we sang it too.

Our friend Jaime was really excited to meet Jamie from the Life Education caravan and Harold too. Have a look at the photos we took of Jaime, Jamie and Harold together.

Jaime, Harold and Jamie in the Life Education caravan.
WOW!!! Harold is tall!!!!

"Remember the bucket fillers" said Harold.

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